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Meter Fixers

E.ON Meter Fixer


We're investing millions in SMART meters: which can provide real time reports on energy consumption - helping customers to save energy and money. We've already successfully launched SMART meters in over 20,000 properties across the Midlands. Help us install, fix and maintain even more of them, and we'll invest in you too.

We pride ourselves on offering a leading service - demonstrating the very best in electricity and gas metering services. Visiting residential and commercial properties to carry out installations and repairs, every day will be different. But your commitment to great customer service won't be. Like us, you know that getting the job done well is about more than simply having the right technical knowledge. It's also about working in a safe, tidy and approachable way - always being willing to answer queries to put a customer's mind at rest. It's how you build trust; build our good reputation and build an even better career.

Check out our locations page to find out where you could be working.


Our recruitment process is designed to ensure both that you are right for the role and that the role is right for you. So there are no trick questions and no attempts to catch you out. It's purely a chance for you to show us what you can do, while getting a better feel for what's involved.When you're ready to apply, simply send us your CV and complete our online application form. After that, the process is simple.

  • Firstly, we'll email you to confirm we've received your application. (If you don't receive this acknowledgement, please phone us on 02476 190370).
  • You'll receive a second email after we've reviewed your application. If we think you could be right for the job, we'll invite you to interview but either way, we'll let you know.

  • If successful, one of our hiring managers, and sometimes someone from HR, will interview you. You'll need to bring your passport or birth certificate and also your National Insurance number as this is now UK immigration policy. We'll be in touch before the interview to give you the full details, including anything else you may need to bring or prepare and who you'll be meeting on the day.

  • For some roles you may need to complete verbal reasoning tests, numerical tests or personality questionnaires. You'll either be sent an email from SHL, our testing provider, with a link to these, or you'll complete them here at interview. If you'd like to practise similar tests at home to help you prepare, you can try a example one here.
      practice SHL tests    

  • For some roles, testing forms part of our assessment centres, where you might also be asked to take part in group exercises or prepare a presentation. Of course, we'll let you know well in advance if we're planning to run assessment centres or further exercises.

  • We may invite you to a second interview. If this is part of the process your recruiting manager will let you know in advance.

  • We'll call you and let you know if we're offering you the job. Again, we'll be in touch either way and we're always happy to provide feedback to explain our decision and to give you some advice for the future.

  • If successful, hopefully you'll be pleased with our offer. Let us know you'd like to accept it and we'll send out your contract.

Throughout the process, you can contact us for updates on your application. If you have any special requirements or would like us to make any special arrangements, please let us know in advance so we can make sure we have made the best preparations for you. Simply phone 02476 190370 or contact us here. Good luck!


At Work

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Our People

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