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Meter Readers


A Good Read

Meeting different customers in new situations each day, if you love delivering great customer service, we'll have you hooked.

Forget 9-5 desk jobs. This is your chance to get outdoors, reading different residential and commercial meters every day. Out in all weathers and walking from property to property (sometimes up to 6 miles a day), you'll have a weekly target to hit, but deciding how and when you call on customers is up to you.

Sometimes it can feel like being your own boss. Except we're here to support you. And as your own boss, you'll make your own judgment calls - reading situations to decide whether it is appropriate for you to call and ensuring your own and your customers' safety at all times. Naturally you'll share our passion for customer focus too. And as the face of E.ON, you'll be polite and approachable to everyone you meet - doing your best to solve problems or queries along the way.

What's more, prove your commitment to our values and customers, and this could be your first step on a long career journey with us.

Check out our locations page to find out where you could be working.


Our recruitment process is designed to ensure both that you are right for the role and that the role is right for you. So there are no trick questions, no attempts to catch you out. It's purely a chance for you to show us what you can do, while getting a better feel for what's involved.

When you're ready to apply, simply click here to send us your CV and answer some initial online questions. This should only take about 5 minutes. If you prefer, you can apply offline and answer these questions over the phone.

Pass this first stage and you'll complete a Situation Judgement Questionnaire. Nothing too scary, you can even try out some example questions here.   Again this can be done online or over the phone and should take no more than 10 minutes.

If you're successful here you'll have a further short telephone interview for us to get to know you a little better. We'll be looking to hear more about your motivations as well as understanding how you might handle a variety of situations you could face in the role.

The second part of the application process is completed face to face through an assessment centre where you will do the following:

1)   Data checking exercise (15 mins)
2) Job simulation exercise - This is a simple role-playing exercise for us to see how you'd handle certain situations. One of us will pretend to be a customer, and you'll be   enacting the role of a meter reader.  
3)   Interview (60 minutes.) This is our chance to really get to know you, finding out more about your motivations and to give you a chance to explain why you think you'd be right for the role – giving plenty of examples of things you've already done.

If you're successful, we'll let you know at the end of the assessment day. Good luck!

Colin - Meter Reader, Nottingham

Hello, I'm Colin and I'm a Meter Reader from E.ON. I read gas and electricity meters and meet lots of different, varied types of people. I get to work in my little E.ON van, and it gets me from street to street as it were. You can plan your own day as you like, you can be your own boss.

You need lots of energy to be a meter reader. You have to be basically very physically active. A nice cup of tea and a couple of Weetabix to get you on your toes.

Working for E.ON is a fantastic job - I   love it. I've been on the job for 28 years and every day is a different day. I used to work in an office and had the opportunity to come out and be a meter reader. Well, I chose to be a meter reader and to be honest I've never looked back. I love the job.

We have a team of around 20 meter readers and we all work 37 hours a week. And again you plan your day as you want it. You can go out say in the morning until dinner time, clock off for a couple of hours then go back out from about 4 o'clock till 8 o'clock. So then you're going to get those people coming back that were out at work. You've got them in and you get the reads.

The worst parts of my job are dogs and rain. And the best parts of my job are sun and nice friendly people. I'm also a safety rep within E.ON and I've been on all sorts of courses, Health and Safety courses and I do get absolute top backing from my management. I can't complain.

If you want to be a meter reader you've got to be physically active, hardworking and if you do that you will reap the rewards.

Well I'm sorry I can't stand here chatting... must get on. Goodbye.


For our Meter Reader roles, we're looking for people with the following key skills:

  • Competency in numeracy and literacy
  • The ability to work to timescales and under pressure
  • A flexible approach to tasks and working hours
  • Customer orientation
  • Fitness appropriate to work content (sometimes you may be required to walk as far as six miles per day, between different customer properties).
  • Smart and friendly with a professional approach to work
  • Inclined to strive for continuous improvement  


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