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Customer Contact


Take the call to end all calls

And deliver the customer service you've always dreamed of. We'll give you the time to handle every call from start to finish, so you'll have the time to find the best solutions for our customers.

We don't believe in holds, transfers or call backs   so like to avoid them wherever possible   - and we'd never put excessive targets ahead of excellent customer service. Instead, we think that proper conversations solve problems.

So by listening, questioning and empathising with each caller you'll be able to investigate and resolve their enquiries. What's more, by building a bigger picture of the things they need, you'll be able to offer those extra products that could really benefit them.

This approach isn't just better for our customers - empowering you to take ownership and pride in every single call, it's more satisfying for you too.

Check out our locations page to find out where you could be working.


Our recruitment process is designed to ensure both that you are right for the role and that the role is right for you. So there are no trick questions and no attempts to catch you out. It's purely a chance for you to show us what you can do, while getting a better feel for what's involved.

Initial application

For customer service roles you can apply online or by calling 0800 068 4112 (minicom 020 7406 5790). Don't forget to quote the appropriate reference number, which is provided at the top of the job profile.

When you apply, you'll be asked a few very basic things about yourself - for example, whether or not you're eligible to work in the UK. You'll also be asked a series of multiple-choice questions, designed to find out how you would react in various situations you might face in one of our customer service roles.

Telephone interview

If you make it through our initial screening, the next stage involves a short telephone interview. We'll ask you a few simple questions about why you applied for the role and how you feel about customer service. We can call at a time that's convenient for you.

Recruitment event

Perform well in your telephone interview and we'll invite you along to one of our selection days. Here, you'll take part in four different activities. How you perform as a whole will determine the overall outcome - so don't worry if you don't feel confident in one activity, as you should be able to make up for it elsewhere. During the Recruitment event, we'll ask you to take part in the following exercises:

Role play

This isn't as scary as it sounds. You won't be doing it in front of other candidates, and we certainly won't be testing your acting skills. It's simply a chance for us to see how you behave in certain situations. One of us will pretend to be a customer with a particular problem. You'll help solve the problem, as though you were doing the role of a customer service advisor.

Written exercise

There are two parts to this exercise. In the first, we'll ask you to work out a bill. This involves doing basic arithmetic - adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing - and you'll be provided with a calculator. In the second part, you'll write to a customer, explaining the bill you've just calculated. These are both things you'll need to do in your role.

Case study

This is an interactive written exercise. We'll give you a fictitious customer query to resolve. Over the course of the exercise, we'll provide you with further useful information, which should affect how you resolve the query. This is very much a practical exercise, which reflects the kind of work you'll be doing here.


This is our chance to find out which of our customer service roles is right for you. We'll ask you to tell us about relevant situations you've been in, and how you handled them. It's important to tell your interviewer what you actually did, rather than what you think you should have done. And your examples should be about you, not other people. Work-based examples are preferred. But if none come to mind, it is OK to use examples from outside work too.
By attending one of our recruitment events, you'll be able to see what it's really like to work for us.   If you like it and we like you, we'll usually be able to offer you a job right there on the day.

Ayaaz Munshi - Customer Service Prepayment Advisor - Parklands, Bolton.

Hello, my name is Ayaaz Munshi.   I'm a prepayment Customer Service Advisor at E.ON. The site that I work at is in Horwich and the site is called Parklands. We deal with customers on a daily basis on the phones. The actual department that I work in at is in the Prepayment Meter Department. It is a very challenging job.   I do enjoy the job that I do. What it entails is everything is always different, what you're doing. I know that when I'm dealing with a customer, I know that I'm helping them, and once I've helped them it gives me a great buzz, and it gives me that energy and motivation to take on the next call.

The team that I've got, I think I'm really blessed with that actually, because the manager and the people that I have on the team, there's 16 of us all together, we get along very well. They're always there to help you, they'll always come and support you, and that's - you know - a really big thing when you're trying to do your job and you're trying to do it to the best of your ability.
When I say to people where I work, a lot of them they just tend to, all they want to do is ask about their bills really. I try to give them advice on how they can cut down on their gas and electric which will help them save money. Also if they are a customer of E.ON, then it will help them stay with us.

There's always job opportunities and you can develop yourself. If you want to become a team manager, you can get coached by your manager in order to do that. And also if you want to be a trainer or anything else you wanted to do within the company. So that side of things are brilliant.
I don't really got no worst bits really but I'd probably say when the sun's shining outside you could probably do with taking your desk and computer outside and taking your calls out there.

My sister works here as well and she promoted the company to me as well as the benefits and how well the company looks after its staff. What got to me and what made me join the company was the shift patterns because they are very good with the shift patterns, and it suits everyone, and it's definitely suiting me as well. So that was a big thing that made me apply for the job, and lucky me I got it.

If you are thinking of joining E.ON or wishing to apply, you have to be very self motivated. It's a challenging job, and if you like challenges, like I do, then this is the job for you.
My name is Ayaaz Munshi and I'll see ya later!

Our People

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