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Powergen Corporate Responsibility Report 2001

St. Breock

St. BreockSt Breock wind farm is located on St Breock Downs in Cornwall, some 3km south of Wadebridge, on the southern side of the A39, approximately 200m above sea level.

The wind farm is situated on the Saints Way, the route used by pilgrims to travel between Padstow and Fowey. The historical 'St Breock Downs Monolith' as well as several tumuli, are located adjacent to the site. These areas were not disturbed during construction of the wind farm and the rest of the site was only temporarily disturbed, retaining its original use as grazing land for sheep.

St. Breock

OS Co-ordinates: SW 970 683

1997 13.0
1998 12.38
1999 13.2
2000 13.0
2001 11.14

See data file for comprehensive environmental data

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