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A technology called RSS allows you to keep up-to-date with the latest news and information from E.ON UK.

What is RSS?

RSS is a data format for items which are published chronologically. It provides a simple and effective way to catch up on the latest information without having to trawl through web pages. There are a number of interpretations to the term "RSS", but the most common one is "Really Simple Syndication".

It is increasingly used by web sites and publishers where information is updated frequently, such as news, and blogs.

Using RSS

Instead of going to many different websites, you can create your own personal collection of news and events using RSS, by "subscribing" to feeds. Your collection is automatically updated when new items are published.

To create your own collection, you will require an application that can read and display RSS feeds. Popular tools such as web browsers and online web services provide this. There are also newsreader programs (most of which are free) that have an email-like interface, and are easy to use.

Subscribing to E.ON UK RSS feeds

Different web browsers have different ways of displaying that a web site contains an RSS feed. If you have the latest version of Internet Explorer or Mozilla, clicking on the first RSS icon below (the orange box) will display the current content of the feed and provide options for you to subscribe to it. The way you subscribe to an RSS feed will vary depending on which RSS newsreader, aggregator or version of Internet browser you use.

Available RSS feeds

E.ON UK press releases

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